Recent Work

abundanceI haven’t posted for a while due to a few things going on outside of my oil painting life.

However I have been working on this recent commission for a private client. This is a large painting for me, its 28 x 20 inches, and as I am used to painting on a much smaller scale it was quite a challenge.

It worked out very well however.

I do have another painting which is almost ready and I will be putting it up for sale at the weekend so watch out for that one.

One thought on “Recent Work

  1. Your work is beautiful! I enjoy each and every one of your postings. I have only been oil painting for two years- so do not have a website. I need more brush mileage so my paintings are good enough to have on a website.

    My only suggestion is that my eye is drawn to the yellow on the background -right side of painting. Perhaps it is not finished. Anyway, why not paint that side a shade or two lighter than left background color and blend all shades together. Just a thought.

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