Blue and White Vase Still Life

fruit-vase-still-life-This is my new oil painting entitled Blue and White Still Life.

It’s oil on canvas board 24 x 18 cm

It’s painted with a limited palette of white, lemon yellow, cadmium orange, Indian yellow, cobalt blue, and venetian red.

I painted this with a very impressionistic approach using broad direct brush strokes, limited blending and mixing of colours.

It has a very free feel to it but I think I managed to capture the light which was my main goal.

Selling this for £90 free UK postage. Click on the image for a better view.


limelightThis painting is a study of 3 limes in acrylic paint, with focus on the light and dark dynamics. It was painted fairly quickly and has an impressionistic feel to it.

The centre lime was a very yellow green colour emphasised by the lighting arrangement while the other two were a blue green colour.

To achieve this I had to use sap green and lemon yellow for the centre lime and pthalo green, cadmium yellow and ultramarine for the other two.

Its acrylic on canvas board 24 x 18 cm. Painting now SOLD

Click on the image for a better view!

Apple Halves Still Life


My new painting is oil on canvas board 24 x 18 cm

Palette used for this was titanium white, lemon yellow,  cad yellow medium, cad orange, alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue.

Selling this one for £75 pounds free UK postage (now SOLD)

Strawberries on plate still life

strawberries-and-plateThis is my new oil painting entitled Strawberries on plate still life.

Its oil on canvas board 24 x 18 cm with free postage in the UK.

I kept this one simple with emphasis on colour. The brush strokes were applied quickly without too much detail giving it an impressionistic feel.

Selling this for £60, contact me via the Contact Form if you are interested in purchasing.

(Painting now SOLD)

Click the image for a larger view.

Apples and Studio Vase Still Life

apples-and-vase-galleryThis is my new still life painting.

Its oil on canvas board 24 x 18 cm

I had to expand my normal palette for this to include Cerulean blue for the lighter part of the vase and multiple reds including venetian red, crimson light, as well as the usual alizarin to get the whole range from pink to dark red.

Click the image for a larger view

This painting is now sold.

Jampot and Knife Still Life

jampot-galleryFor this one I decided keep the background  free of detail and focus attention on the jam pot with it’s red, oranges and purples.

I liked the way the light was passing through the jam and have tried to capture the bright colours that jumped out.

The knife I have kept simple just wanting to keep the focus on the jam pot but add some interest to the space on the right hand side.

Its 30 x 24 cms oil on canvas board  - SOLD

Studio Vase and Fruit Still Life

studiovase-fruit-galleryMy new painting is oil on canvas board 30 x 24 cm.

I love trying to paint strong lighting and deep shadows as it seems to bring everyday objects to life and add a dramatic effect.

This style of painting goes back hundreds of years and isn’t  used so much today, but for me it is very appealing.

I personally find lots of art today has a “washed out” look as if the artist is almost apologetic about putting colour and tone onto the canvas.

But art is art and everyone has there own preference which is what makes it such a fascinating subject.

Anyway enough waffle – I am selling this for £80 with free UK postage. Now SOLD

Click the image above to see a larger picture.


Recent Work

abundanceI haven’t posted for a while due to a few things going on outside of my oil painting life.

However I have been working on this recent commission for a private client. This is a large painting for me, its 28 x 20 inches, and as I am used to painting on a much smaller scale it was quite a challenge.

It worked out very well however.

I do have another painting which is almost ready and I will be putting it up for sale at the weekend so watch out for that one.


fragile-1000This is my new oil painting entitled Fragile.

I love the way light passes through objects and makes them glow with translucent effects.

Oranges and lemons are great for this – but then I noticed some eggs in the kitchen and thought “hmmm I wonder”

Well this the result. It’s oil on canvas board 30 x 24 cm and is available for £120 pound free UK postage.


I was struggling at first to get the eggshell colour so added cadmium yellow deep and cadmium orange to my palette. These two colours were used as a starting point then different amounts of blue white and burnt sienna were mixed in the achieve the final results.

Click on the image to see a larger version.


Recent Commission

Wine-and-cheese-30x40cmThis one’s not for sale. It’s a recent commission I did for a private client and I am putting on the blog as a record of my work.

It’s entitled Wine and Cheese still life and is oil on canvas board 12 x 16 inches finished with a semi-gloss varnish.